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Guide to Where to Buy Louise Hart's Latest Books

Wondering where to buy Louise Hart's books, look here for guides on where her published works are available.
The Gift of Love
The Gift of Love, a collection of short stories that reveal the extraordinary transformational power of love in ordinary lives, can be purchased online through the publisher (
or online or locally through Barnes and Noble,
or Waldenbooks bookstores,
or your local bookstore.
Grandma's Book of Recipes and Helpful Hints
Grandma's Book that combines recipes from five generations of an Irish American family with vignettes that give insight into their culture, values and lives and be purchased on CD from either (
Sirius Publications (
Pet Angels
A collection of short stories about the special companions in our lives, Pet Angels can be purchased through the publisher, Sirius Publications at
Poetry Books
The multimedia Illustrated book of Trees series and Prayers for the Temple Within that showcase the poet's metaphysical, imagistic poetry and photographs with music can be purchased through the publisher, (, or
through Sirius Publications ( for an edition that features only the poet's work.
Tales of a City Maid, On the Death of Love and other poems and September 2001: In Memoriam, may also be purchased on CD or diskette from Sirius Publications.
Sirius Publications also makes the author's books available through
Mill Girls and Their Daughters and The Ashley Tales can be purchased online through the publisher, Write Words at their website
Short Stories and Novels

The Boy Who Knew and other stories and Haunted House Diary are available in CD rom or direct download format online through publishers, E-dition and Sirius Publications (see above).
Sirius Publications also has available The Racer's Edge on CD rom.

How To Guides

How to Start an E-Business - On and Off the Net and How to Read Cards for Fun and Self-Development are both available in CD rom and diskette formats from publisher, Sirius Publications (


The Valley Gourmet Looks at Foods A to Z series of mini cookbooks that feature the historical, medicinal, cultural, nutritional and creative uses of fruits and vegetables can be purchased in CD or diskette format from publisher Sirius Publications (

Children's Books

When the boy in The Star of Peace tries to share a personal treasure with his best friends, he risks losing both. To find out how the boy meets this crisis in this multicultural chapter book, purchase it from
Rosie's Rule, a novel about a young girl and her classmates facing the challenge of overcoming school violence, is scheduled to be released by American Publishers later this year. Like The Gift of Love, it will be available in hard copy both online through the publisher, and in local bookstores.
What Does a Tick Sound Like?, Grandpa's Gift, The Pinball Machine, In a Lion's Pride and Play Justice are all available through Egan Publications.