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The Ashley Stories

The Ashley Stories featured on my other pages were written to help children develop the skills and abilities to find creative non-violent solutions in their lives - and this world.

New Poems: conflict and resolution

New Poems was written in the aftermath of Sept. 11 with the knowledge that Peace alone conquers violence.

Poems for Peace

At the request of P.A.W., one of my poems is featured on their website. Please visit their pages to read my contribution and those of over 12,000 poets worldwide who have contributed their works in hope of promoting peace rather than war.

Victims of Cold War

Duck and Cover was the cry of the Cold War even as Duct and cover has become the latest cry of those who see war and violence rather than peace and reason as the solution to our problems. The following poem was written to express what living in such fear does to our children. The poem is included in Mill Girls and Their Daughters (published by

Victims of Cold War

What do you do my children?
We are hiding from the sun.
We thought we heard a siren blow
Warning us to run.

Oour teachers told us of a bomb
That flashes like the sun,
Then Blows in windows, caves in roofs,
Burns and kills everyone.

Our mother told us not to worry,
For it they dropped it on us,
She would be glad that at least
Our deaths would all be one.

Our mother is a grown-up
And has lived more years than we;
She can be glad if she wants to,
We are not as old as she.

Now, as we go to school,
We practice what they teach:
Watch the sky for the bomb
And listen for the horn.

Duck Quickly in a doorway
Away from flying debris,
Hide our faces, protect our backs
Until we hear the "all clear" ring.

(c)2003. All rights reserved.