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Pet Angels ebook is now available on Barnes and Noble.  A hard cover copy will be available soon at Barnes and Noble as well.  Before the current Catholic Pope recognized that pets have spirits, Pet Angels featured stories that show not only do the pets and animals who live with us in this world have spirit, they also have free will and are subject to the consequences of their choices.  In addition, the short stories included in Pet Angels demonstrate that animals need not be domesticated to influence us and that the influence of animals on us can last a lifetime. 

Because expanded versions of several of her works are to be published this week, for readers who would like copies of collections of my first editions of multimedia poetry, short story collections and novel ebooks are available on cd.  Each cd includes multiple works.  For information about the available collections and how to obtain them, please contact me at louisehart@email.com.  

Descriptions of some of the books available on cd as well as others by this author include:

Bullying and School Violence are headlines today worldwide.  Long before the current media attention, both existed. Throughout the disaffected, isolated or those who feel rejected have lashed out at the institution.  Until the availability of automatic weapons, with few exceptions, the anger was aimed at indiividuals.  Bullies would target the disabled, weak or younger victims.  Ironically gang leaders and members were known to bring weapons to school but not use them in school.  Their violence was aimed at competing gangs and gang members.  This author has been writing about bullying and voilence in and out of school problems for decades.  "The Ashley Stories" written for preschoolers, kindergarten and primary grades students addresses these problems through the adventures of the iconic character, Ashley, the Persian Cat.  At first glance, Ashley by behavior may seem to be an ordinary cat, but as young fans have come to enjoy and understand, Ashley was never just any cat; Ashley was Ashley and that was that!<>

Based on real life events, "Rosie's Rule" follows a young reluctant heroine as she faces the issue of bullies and school violence in primary middle school and junior high.  A teacher who used the book with her classes, called "Rosie's Rule", the most perfect book on the subject. Sadly, a publisher (American Star Publishers) with no contract, authority or rights to Rosie's Rule violated the author's copyright and legal rights to the book, converted Rosie's Rule to its own purposes, selling it to Amazon and sellers and resellers worldwide at multiples of its original cost and with no benefit or intent to benefit the author. The author issued a Cease and Desist to the publisher who fraudulently ignored same.  The U.S. Copoyright Office, of course, does nothing to legally enforce copyrights, deferring to the FBI which even though hundreds of authors have had their books and rights violated by American Star Publisher similarly does nothing.  Google, Amazon, Open Library, and EBay which also have benefited from the fraud and grand theft with full knowledge of the fraud continued to sell the book from which they and the thieves profited.  This situation is not unusual in the US publishing market today. Music and film artists have faced similar challenges although certainly not to the level of international criminality and greed seen in publishing.  The US Supreme Court ruled that one is entitled to payment for one's work.  It is unfortunatel that throughout its history, the US publishing market has yet to enforce that ruling. In consequence, in spite of a select few authors who have arragements with known publishers, what has happened to Rosie's Rule and Gift of Love as well as several of this author's other works is more the standard that the multimillion dollar advances and royalties paid to politicians, celebritities and a relatively handful of wroters (or ghostwriters) in the US. <>

In discussions about school violence, much has been made about conflict avoidance and resolution.  The author's chapter book, "Star of Peace", too, was called the most perfect book on these timely topics.  Like this author's other books, "Star" contains valid supplementary curricula material and is suitable for classroom, library and at home family reading. <>

The revised edition of Grandma's Book of Recipes and Helpful Hints (ISBN 1-4116-4075-6), published by Amherst Press, is available through Amazon and from what this author has heard, other sellers and resellers who as with Rosie's Rule opoerate independently and without authorization or any intent to convey even a modicum of benefit to this author.

A new expanded edition of "Haunted House Diary", "Pet Angels" and "Grandpa's Gift" are expected to be published in 2019. A hefty 304 pages, the new print edition of HHD is both entertaining and educational with references to the first women astronauts in the United States (and they are not whom readers may think they are), the Underground Railroad and the first woman prime minister of Ireland.

A chapter book perfect for giving and reading, Grandpa's Gift addresses issues of personal values, social responsibility, loss, sharing and recovery.

The author's copyrights to several of her books were violated by Amazon, Google, Open Library and others.  Each sought to sell her books without payment of any royalties or other income to her.  Sadly the author is not alone in this.  Fortunately, she will be re-issuing each of her published books along with the recovered Rosie's Rule and a revised edition of The Gift of Love. 

"The author's biography of two extraordinary women from Maine is a must read for any who have ever wondered about the meaning of our lives.

Samples of the Poet's works are included in the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Merrimac Mic anthology. Three of her love poemts have been translated and will be included in a foreign anthology.  In addition, her poems were selected for the holiday display in Methuen, Massachusetts.  This Poet's "A Mother's Chastening" was named a winner in the Northern Essex Community College's annual "Peace" poetry contest and will be ipublished in The NECC Peace Poetry -2016-2017 Chapbook.  As a result, this poet was tapped to give a reading of her works at the Merrimac Public Library's recent talent night, is scheduled to read the poem on Cinco de Mayo at NECC's Poetry Night. The Poet now reads both at Robert Frost poetry nights, sponsored by Don's Auto Care, but also. at poetry readings sponsored by Merrimack Valley and North Andover poetry groups,  She is serving as editor and contributor to a new anthology of poetry about cars and trucks sponsored by Don Michaud of Don's Auto Care in South Lawrence, MA. Both her poems and photos are included in the upcoming Fourth edition of the Merrimac Poetry Group's annual poetry anthology.  . 

The Author;s "A is for Apple", mini cookbook is the first in her," Diet Your Way" series for which the author has not only conducted tests and research for decades, but also, has developed a new approach to cooking and baking that has proved to improve the health of many.  The book and diet recognizes that the real first "American" writers were Colonial women who made the link between diet and health.  Based on both historic and the latest research regarding diet, nutrition, the links between food and health, the books, like all of the author's cookbooks features new original recipes meant to illustrate the methods and means readers and dieters can reap the benefits of dieting their way.  The diet and books were begun by the author in recognition that many diets fail because their developers fail to recognize that what we eat represents our cultural heritage, famillial history, personal preferences, lifestyle, regional food availability and more.  Diets which take us from our roots do not last.  Hence, this diet seeks only to adapt and make what we already eat more healthy - and tastier.

These works and others by this author remind readers that joy and pain balance in patterns that like the universe prove the symmetry of all life. The symmetry of the universe is written throughout the heavens as it is in the shape of a single tree. The symmetry of the life is experienced both within and without. In our lives, we experience it without in our challenges, successes and failures and within through our joys, happiness, loss, grief and sorrows.

Like her readers, the author has known both in her life. She has experienced the joy that comes from achievements and recognition of her work and felt the pain and grief that accompanies the death of those we know and love. The brave new campaign management plan she devised for the 1980 Presidential campaign which was considered determinative to the success of the Reagan for President campaign was recognized by its archiving by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Such honor was tempered by the sorrow she, like millions of people around the world, felt upon the passing of the late President. The library preserves the late President's work. Its staff works to promote his ideals. The library also serves as the late President's last resting place on this earth. The author urges all Americans to support the library and to visit it if the opportunity arises.

The Author has been named an ambassador of Author's Guild, is a member of the American Academy of Poets as well as a number of local poet groups..

While the author has written of the lives of others in her works, a portion of her life's story, too, is being preserved. Her personal history, papers and work on behalf of Massachusetts Chapter 766 (equality of educational opportunity for students with disabilities) within the Commonwealth's archives at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Of course, those works do not include her works purloined by a teacher of English at a Vermont college. As noted here, the teacher purloined one of her stories for a book now part of Houghton Mifflin's publications. Upon being confronted, the plagarizing college teacher admitted that he had illegally copied and used the author's story and that the story was hers. Houghton Mifflin, the publisher of educational textbooks and materials used to teach our children, however, responded as too many large corporations in the U.S. have and continue to do, without apology and without any real amends for the harm so wrongfully inflicted on the author.

In spite of that wrong, the author undauntedly continues in her work.  Her works to date include:


As noted above, Rosie's Rule, a novel that gives voice to young people on the issue of school violence was reviewed in the New York Times upon its release. The Revised Gift of Love is a collection of short stories that highlight the extraordinary experiences of "ordinary" people. Like "Gift", Rosie's Rule is available through Barnes and Noble and other reputable book retailers. . The novel that follows the experiences of a young student in urban schools is set in the city where the events upon which the novel is based occurred. .

New Poems and TheIllustrated Book of Trees vols. I -IV focus on man's place in the cosmos and the great questions in our lives.   Several of the Poet's peace poems were also featured on Poet's Against the War and included in a publication issued in honor of the birthday of M. Ghandi, father of India. 

The author/poet contributed some of her poems from Mill Girls and Their Dauthers to a work by the former head of the Robert Frost Foundation that focuses on the lives of the historic Lowell Mill Girls.  

A special multimedia edition of "The Haunted House Diary" is available on CD from the author as well as "Grandma's Book of Recipes and Helpful Hints", "The Boy Who Knew and Other Stories", "Holiday Stories," "The Illustrated Book of Trees," Vols. I and II, and "Prayers for the Temple Within".  Contact ths author to obtain copies of these works.

In addition to pages devoted to new works, works in process, samples of her photography and poetry, this site now includes a new page dedicated to finding peaceful solutions to the conflicts that we face in this very troubled, war weary world.

Rosie's Rule, The Star of Peace, A Rusty Snowflake, Grandpa's Gift and The Racer's Edge are the first of a series of interactive books written by the author for use as supplemental reading in education as well as general reading by families and children. A Warning: The endings of each of these books are unpredictable. They may leave readers not only feeling good about the story and themselves, but also wondering.

"What Does a Tick Sound Like?" the first in a series of books for children with special needs.

New Poems: Conflict and Resolution explores the origins of conflict and nonviolent approaches to problem solving as does Star of Peace..

As always, thank you for stopping by to learn about my published works. Some of the background and perspective that gave rise to each work is provided on this site for those interested in knowing what the author intended. My published works now range from illustrated, multimedia, imagistic, metaphysical and narrative poetry to humor, essays, non-fiction, cookbooks to short stories. Excerpts and photographic illustrations from her works can be found on this site.

To purchase any (or all) of the works, please visit Barnes and Noble on line or in store. Books are from this writer as well as from Barnes and Noble oneline and other bookstores. The URL for the publisher and bookseller include:


For questions about my works, their availability, upcoming releases or their content, please contact me.  
Enjoy.   You can contact me either through this site or by email at


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Published Works

Prayers for the Temple Within (publisher: Sirius Publications)

The Illustrated Book of Trees (publisher: Sirius Publications)

The Illustrated Book of Trees, vol. II (publisher: Sirius Publications)

Grandma's Book of Recipes and Helpful Hints (publisher: Sirius Publications)

Grandma's Book of Recipes and Helpful Hints, rev. ed.(publisher: Amherst Press)

Mill Girls and their Daughters (publisher: ebooksonthe.net)

A Hart-y Laugh at U.S. (publiser: Sirius Publications)

Tales of a City Maid (publisher: Sirius Publications)

The Boy Who Knew and Other Stories (publisher: Sirius Pubilcations)

Applemania (publisher: Sirius Publications)

Berry Bananas (publisher: Sirius Publications)

Cherry Charmers (publisher: Sirius Publications)

Dare Durian (publisher: Sirius Publications)

Exotic Eggfruit (publisher: Sirius Publications)

Holiday Stories (publisher: Sirius Publications)

How to Start an E-business - On and Off the Net (publisher: Sirius Publications)

The Ashley Stories (publisher: ebooksonthe.net)

On the Death of Love and other poems (publisher: Sirius Publications)

September 2001: In Memoriam (publisher: Sirus Publications)

What Does a Tick Sound Like?

The Haunted House Diary (publisher: Sirius Publications)

The Racer's Edge (publisher: Sirius Publications)

How to Read Cards for Fun and Self-Development (publisher: Sirius Publications)

Haunted House Diary,Rev.Ed.(publisher:Amherst Press)

Grandpa's Gift(publisher: Amherst Press)

Soon To Be Released

Diet Your Way

The Illustrated Book of Trees, vols. III and IV

Fig Fare

Green Grabbers

New Poems: Conflict and Resolution

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